Dim Sum in the News

Check out the article on our DIM SUM in HerLife Magazine! Megan Neher did such a great job of capturing what the Dim Dum experience is all about. Hungry yet? https://go.epublish4me.com/ebook/html/10106882#page/42

Ever had CHOW FUNN?

This Cantonese staple is made with flat, wide rice noodles (called hor funn), bean sprouts, onion and beef or chicken. Chow funn can be tricky to make because it has to be stirred quickly over high heat and the noodles can easily break but don’t worry – our chefs have it mastered!

Our lunch specials are soooo tasty !

Plan your week now! Available Monday – Friday 11am – 3pm*. Lunch specials come with Egg Drop Soup, Crab Rangoon and your choice of Steamed White, Steamed Brown or Fried Rice. * City Market is closed on Mondays