Cooking Experience: A glimpse into the kitchens of Bo Lings

Bo Lings guests had the opportunity to meet owners Theresa (Far Ling) and Richard (Bo) at this unique combined cooking class, demonstration and tasting. After learning how to make Garlic Cucumber Salad and Vietnamese Spring Rolls they moved into the kitchen to watch chefs fire up their woks and make our signature Moo Shu dish. Next on tour was our team diligently hand making Dumplings and our Dim Sum department where they saw the process of making Siu Mai, both favorites at the weekend tradition of Dim Sum. Richard then gave an up-close demo of his technique to rolling, filling, folding and crimping dumplings while guests tried their own hand at it. After getting a first hand view of the time and effort that goes into making everything from scratch (including all sauces and hot chili oil), guests moved into the private dining rooms where they were able to taste everything they saw…plus a few extras!

Tasting Menu:

  • Hong Kong Style Wonton Soup
  • Garlic Cucumber Salad
  • Vietnamese Spring Roll
  • Pan-Fried and Steamed Meat Dumplings
  • Siu Mai
  • Moo Shu Chicken
  • Sesame Ball with Red Bean Filling
  • Homemade Almond Cookie
  • House Jasmine King Oolong Tea

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