Chinese New Year Specials Available at All Locations Feb 1 – Feb 15, 2022

Bo Lings is celebrating the 40th year of sharing traditional Chinese New Year dishes with Kansas City diners. This Year of the Tiger we have selected a variety of the most popular dishes that carry symbolic meanings to bring you happiness, health and vigor. Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in Chinese culture and is always celebrated with family and friends, coming together to share appreciation and gratitude.

The Bo Lings family wishes you all the best in 2022. ❤️

Chinese New Year Specials

New Year’s Boiled Dumplings(pork and shrimp)

Assorted Appetizers (serves 2-3)
Crispy Calamari
Shrimp Rolls
Ling’s Eggplant
Crab Rangoon  

Jia Mou 
braised beef short ribs served with buns

Sizzling Delight
shrimp, chicken and scallops
Sautéed Whole Flounder

ginger and garlic or yu hsiang sauce

Honey & Walnut and Sweet & Sour Combo
chicken $19 – shrimp $22
Fresh Pineapple Fried Rice
(shrimp, chicken and roast pork)

Bowl of Sautéed Noodles
New Year’s Cake