Chinese and Boba Teas

There are a variety of choices of Chinese teas and boba drinks at Bo Lings Fine Chinese Dining. Boba teas are available at our Plaza, Overland Park, and Zona Rosa restaurants, and a broad selection of loose leaf teas are available at all restaurants.

Chinese and Boba Tea

  • BOBA (Pearl Milk) TEAS

    • $4.25


    BOBA (Pearl Milk) TEAS

    1 Bubble Papaya

    2 Bubble Honeydew

    3 Bubble Taro

    4 Bubble Watermelon

    5 Bubble Milk Tea

    6 Bubble Passion Fruit

    7 Bubble Mango

    8 Bubble Strawberry

    9 Bubble Jasmine Green Tea

    10 Bubble Almond

    11 Bubble Coconut

    12 Bubble Peach

  • Our Gourmet Tea Choices

    Our premium loose leaf teas are available while dining in and to-go, as well as for purchase by the ounce for later enjoyment.


    Each pot serves 1-3 guests.


  • House Green

    • 5.50

    House Green 

    A very light green tea with robust floral aroma.

  • King’s Oolong (Taiwan)

    • 7.00

    King Oolong (Taiwan)

    Found growing in high elevations in Taiwan, this tea has a light to medium fermented, sweet lilac aroma with a hint of ginseng and a famous lingering finish.

  • House Jasmine

    • 4.50

    House Jasmine

    A pairing of green tea with just the right touch of the aromatic jasmine flower.

  • Dragon Pearl Jasmine (Fu Jian)

    • 8.00

    Dragon Pearl Jasmine (Fu Jian)

    The highest grade jasmine tea is a tender green tea infused with fragrant jasmine flavor.


  • Pu-Erh (Yun Nan)

    • 4.50

    Pu-Erh (Yun Nan)

    The oldest style of tea in China, this is a full bodied dark tea, smooth, rich with complex flavors. This tea is renowned for its health benefits.


  • Chrysanthemum Flower

    • 4.50

    Chrysanthemum Flower

    Pure chrysanthemum flowers impart a heavenly fragrance to this tea as you sip.

  • Chrysanthemum and Goji Berries

    • 5.50

    Chrysanthemum and Goji Berries