Thanks to each and every one of you that have been to our restaurants over the years.  We are extremely grateful for the support and love we have experienced over the past 40 years.

Richard and Theresa Ng 


Some of the heartwarming stories from our friends and guests:

“Bo Lings has been the center of many of our family events. It is always my first pick for my birthdays with our family. My most cherished memories is bringing my daughter to Bo Lings shortly after she was born, and every month thereafter, for the first year of her life. We always came for your traditional dim sum Sundays. I loved having her with me and as she grew up she started to enjoy all the wonderful choices. Your employees at the Plaza location were like extended family to us. She is now 16. Over the years we started coming every Sunday (we didn’t have a gymnastics meet or family event). It was our “Sunday Dinner”. We would feast on the offerings, talk, laugh, and catch up. Then we would head home for Sunday afternoon naps and movie time together…”  – Casey (and Sawyer) S.

My family has dined with you for at least 30 years. Most often at the old Plaza location, then the new Plaza location, and now we’ve moved to the River Market area, and have been doing take-away meals there. I introduced my kids and grand-kids to Chinese food at your establishment. And we all had our first dim-sum there at the Plaza. And I remember gatherings of friends at the big-round lazy-susan tables at the Plaza, where all kinds of conversations and secret planning happened! Thanks for being there.” – John B.

“Bo Lings celebrates an anniversary with my husband and I! We were married 3/21/81 and have been customers from when we used to go to Board of Trade location (we miss it) Happy Anniversary!” – Christi B.

“… this is the first year in 18 years that we have not been to Bo Lings for Dim Sum to celebrate Chinese New Year! There are five families in the Kansas City area who all adopted babies from China on the same trip in 2002. That first year that the girls were still toddling around, we decided that we were going to start a tradition of going to Bo Lings sometime during Chinese New Year. Our girls are all in college now. But we are all determined to continue our tradition every year.”  – Leslie H. 

“We have family in the Kansas City area, but for 30 years we lived in Springfield, Missouri. We would come to Kansas City at least once a month to visit, but every Sunday we had Dim Sum either at the plaza or Overland Park Bo Lings. There was just no way we were going to be in Kansas City without having those tasty dumplings. Fast forward, 11 years ago we moved back to the Kansas City area(Northland) and once again, almost without a miss, we were at the plaza Bo Lings every Sunday. In fact we always ask for table 75, attended a wedding reception at Bo Lings and made wonderful friends of many of the servers. Thank you, Bo Lings for wonderful food and many special memories. Here’s to another 40 years!!!!!!” – Jim and Sue W.

“My husband and I met at the end of September 2017.  We went to the River Market to walk around and we wanted to ride the streetcar.  Unfortunately, there was an accident on the Street Car tracks, and it prevented the trolley from moving.  So there we were, standing outside of Bo Lings.  It was our 2nd Date together.  We went inside and ordered “Mushu Beef” with the hand made pancakes and the sauce, so delicious.  The fun part was the server made the little burritos for us with the hot filling.  I remember this day so vividly, I was thrilled to be at Bo Lings and thrilled to be with my new friend.  Over our relationship, we have been to Bo Lings in multiple locations.  We try something new every time,  and the Mushu Beef is not always on the menu, especially when COVID hit.  But it was such a wonderful treat to have that experience on our 2nd date, to have the table side service, and to eat something that we BOTH enjoyed! Bo Lings will forever be in our story! We were married February 29, 2020, At Kauffman Stadium, on Leap Day… the last day we enjoyed with all our friends and family before COVID separated everything.” – Scott and Katie C.

“Congratulations to our longtime friends, business associates, and favorite restaurant in our fair city! We grew our businesses and our friendships of 40 years side by side … and have had so much fun doing it! … Our Hollywood at Home employees were frequent Bo Ling’s customers, and the joyful call of “10 min! 10 min!” joyfully floated around the store as they called in to- go orders …The Ng family and its beautiful staff – Sue, Daniel, Fong, Khiew, and so many others – have welcomed us to many a dim sum brunch, family events and Chinese New Year dinners, and we have been so proud to witness their success as top restaurateurs in this city, the region, nationally and even internationally!  As our Bo Ling’s family celebrates 40 years of success, know that you are surrounded by friends who appreciate the warmth you share in everything you do.” – Your Old Friends, Linda and Richard Rostenberg

“Being that you guys are my absolute favorite restaurant in KC, as the groom, I got to choose the location of our rehearsal dinner.  November 4th, 2016, we had all of our friends and family that traveled into KC for our wedding join us at the plaza location.  Seated at two tables in the private area, the family style/lazy susan tables were a bit of a mystery to some.  After the food came, and I was able to make a brief announcement about how this was to go down, some of the tension then eased.  After everyone started the meal, spirits were soaring!  Everyone absolutely loved the entire evening and still talk of it to this day.  Most couples have a very formal meal where each individual is served from a menu – this was an experience for all of our guests to take with them as a cherished memory.” – Rick and Boni W.

“Sincere congratulations and much appreciation for providing wonderful meals and meaningful times over the years!  My heart is warmed thinking about the many special times I have had at Bo Lings.  The first location on the Plaza is what comes to mind when I think of my first experiences there.  Of course I have been to the other locations too.  My friend Mary introduced me to Dim Sum.  We come every year for our birthdays in April and then other times of the year too.  And we had her mother’s 80th birthday party at the second location on the Plaza with family and friends – a lovely time.  Your restaurant is a favorite of my husband’s uncle and we would come every year for his birthday and also other times of the year.  He is 91 so has been a customer since you opened!  He doesn’t get out much anymore but we can take Bo Lings to him and he loves it.  I am so happy for your family for the success you have had by offering great food and a great atmosphere.  Here’s to many more years!!” – Kim C.