Special Needs
  • Allergies and Special Dietary Needs
    At Bo Lings we have many options for guests with dietary restrictions, and are able to accommodate most special requests. If you have a special dietary need, please let your server know so that we can prepare your meal with extra care.

  • Dietary Menu
    Our dietary menu is composed of entrees that are steamed, and cooked with no sauces or seasonings. These dishes are perfect for guests with special dietary restrictions, or those who are just looking for a healthy alternative.

  • Gluten Intolerance
    Soy sauce has traces of gluten in it, so depending on the severity of their allergy, guests may or may not be able to tolerate our menu items which contain soy sauce. We do however, offer a wide variety of menu items that are not made with soy sauce. Any of our entrees that are made with "white sauce" will not have soy sauce, nor will they have any flour. These are chicken stock-based sauces thickened with cornstarch. A few of our "white sauce" entrees include Sauteed Chicken with Vegetables, Shrimp with Cashews, Jade Shrimp, and Sauteed Mixed Vegetables. Also any of our Fried Rice dishes cooked without soy sauce, such as Fresh Vegetable Fried Rice, Young Chow Fried Rice, or Chicken Fried Rice cooked with white rice, will be gluten free. Please let your server know about your allergy, and he or she will work with the manager to suggest items for you to try, and to make sure extra care is taken to prepare your meal.

  • Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes
    Please specify to your server if you would like your meal prepared with water instead of chicken stock.

  • Shellfish Allergies
    A frequently asked question is "Do you use real crab meat in your Crab Rangoon?" The answer is no - our homemade Crab Rangoon are made daily using imitation crab meat , which is made from fish, so even our guests with shellfish allergies can enjoy our most popular appetizer!

  • Reservations
    We accept reservations for parties of six or more. Smaller groups are invited to walk in at their leisure, and at most locations we can usually seat guests within no more than 15 minutes. To make your reservation, call the location you wish to visit and provide your name, a contact phone number, and the day, time and number of guests for your event. Reservations will be held for 15 minutes past the scheduled time.

  • Separate Checks
    Please inform your server when you order if you would like separate checks.